What Savvy Entrepreneurs Know About the 
Power of Signature Events!
During this free training we'll cover the  truth that savvy entrepreneurs know about the marketing power of signature events!

This is a MARKETING training....not event planning!


Shelley Willingham
How Savvy Entrepreneurs Make a Signature Event Their Most Powerful Marketing Tool!
The crucial step savvy entrepreneurs HAVE to do first!
The number one thing to do BEFORE even considering hosting an event!
How events make my clients money without selling one ticket!
How an event can make money without selling one ticket!
How events build my client's tribes!
How my clients built a tribes of RAVING FANS who constantly told others how great they were and sent them referrals without spending a dime!
How to host an event with other people's money!
You'll discover how my client's maximize thier marketing budgets and host events even when they don't have much money at all!
Why my audience paid more for my services after attending my live event!
Why audiences expect (and will pay) higher prices after attending live events!
How live events anchor my clients' marketing for an entire year!
Discover how my client's built on the momentum from their event and increased profits!
Not only am I going to tell you I  pay for my events with another people's money…I’ll tell you how to keep getting paid even after the event is over!

This will be one of the MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TRAININGS you’ve ever attended in your life!

Here’s why….

I’m going to WALK YOU through the truth about signature events so you can see how this strategy will help you create a high-growth business…just like I did.

I’m going to share with you why creating a live, signature event allowed me to develop a marketing blueprint that positioned me to WIN EVERY TIME!
Here are just SOME of the questions about event marketing we’ll cover on this incredible training:
  •  Don’t I need a huge following to pull off an event?
  •  I’m not an event planner! How do I even get started?
  •  I already struggle with marketing. How can I master event marketing?
  •  I have a very tight budget. How in the world can I host an event?
  •  What type of event is best for my business?
This free training will only be available for a limited time!
Shelley has been in the sales and marketing game for many years and with that experience came the desire to help small businesses stop spinning their wheels on marketing strategies that just don't produce.

She's taken the trial and error out of trying to figure it out for yourself and sharing how you can use signature events to generate leads and make more money. Her first signature event landed her company a partnership with FORTUNE Magazine. Learn from her successes and failures and save yourself a ton of time and money.

Outside of the marketing world, Shelley is an obnoxious Tar Heel fan, handbag and high heel junkie, and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Don't miss this breakthrough training that will finally show you how my clients put their marketing in full gear with a step by step action plan to develop the most powerful marketing engine they ever had to power their business…. the PERFECT Signature Event.

IMPORTANT! This training is all about marketing…not event planning.

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